‘merica Bound

I hope the speedo boys in Colorado are ready because I’m all booked and coming over!!!

Today I confirmed my flights, I’ve got my snowboarding pass already and did my online VISA stuff.  Kip tells me his hottub is all ready and his speedo collection is ready as well.

I’ll be in Breckenridge from the 18th for at least a month, I might extend my trip but I’ll play it by ear.  Although it sounds like a long holiday, Kip and I end up getting a stack of work done when we are sitting opposite each other, to be honest I probably end up doing more work.

But… as you can expect with 2 horny speedo boys living under one roof, there is lots of speedo fun.

Speaking of speedo fun in Colorado – here is an experience that I had at Kip’s place a few years ago…..  This is for members and it is only $5 to join – click here.

Gay Foursome Story

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Dr. Phil said,  

Like I said in e-mail a while back, Dave: if you and Kip want to take a road trip while you’re here, I’ve got a HUGE number of speedos I’d like to go to a good home, so to speak, and I can think of no one better for them than the two of you. You could have a speedo party where you give speedos to everyone, and have 50+ people over easily with what of my collection I’d estimate I’d be giving you. 😉

darren said,  

Dave,great story. I want to tell you how great I think the guy is in your header, nice red speedos just covering his arse, just how I like them and I guess a good package in front. Any one agree?

beerdoc_colorado said,  

lucky you. there has been a lot of snow here, not too much on the east coast. anyway you will look great with your tan and blue/red/white/black or yellow speedos. 🙂

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil – one idea that Kip has floated is to do a road trip to Tahoe on my way home. If we do we’ll be closer to your neck of the woods. I’ll keep you posted.

Darren – yes he is indeed. Unfortunately, I’m about to change the header to something new.

Beer Doc – have you been getting any turns? Kip tells me it is been an awesome start to the season, I can’t wait!!!

darren said,  

Dave, I like your new header equally as much. Those white speedos are great. They look like they are lined but the guy has made a hole in the lining so we can see his cock. If I was with him we would see more of it if he hardened up.

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