Mizuno Speedos

Has anyone ever owned a pair of Mizuno speedos?  These look really hot – if anyone knows where to find them, email me (DaveEvans@SwimmerBoyz.com – yes I’m still working on the comments but should be done very soon) and if you find these, I will give away a months membership to SwimmerBoyz.com.

These look like the old speedo Aquablades which I only ever had one pair of.  I liked the Aquablade material but the cut was too wide on the hips for my taste.  And they were darn expensive.

Mizuno SpeedoJapanese Mizuno SpeedoLycra Asian Mizuno Speedos

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Eric said,  

Nice, but Dave, have you seen Mategear swimwear? Even the youtube clips are a wankfest. If you can find any videos of guys fucking in Mategear, let us know.


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