Morning Masturbation

Yesterday morning I woke up with a boner (as usual).  The night before I had seen a photo of a chick in a one piece swimsuit doing a headstand (click here to see that photo on my blog), and I started grinding against the matress thinking about eating her out while she sucked me off.

I got a little bit carried away and ended up cumming in my speedos (I wear speedos to be most of the time).  Thankfully, I live on the beach so I just went for a swim to clean that up.

When I wrote the blog post I remembered seeing a photo in the archives of a guy in a tiny red speedo doing a headstand, I was mistaken, he is on his back with his legs up in bed.  This morning when I woke up, I was thinking about 69’ing him in that position.

Again, I came in my speedo.  I put the coffee on, picked a gap in the morning walkers and ran down the beach and went for a swim to clean the mess out of my speedo.  All cleaned up I walked back up, poured a coffee and now I’m writing about it for you guys.

How was the start to your day?

Red Speedos in Bed

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