New York Speedo Model

Last week I posted pics of one of my first amateur models and here is another one to feast your eyes on guys.

Who ever said that American guys don’t like wearing speedos?

Check out Adam here showing off his speedo collection in public – I love it!!!

You would be surprised how many guys contact me asking to show off their speedos…..

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Dr. Phil said,  

Ah, yes, I remember him…Who could forget that last photo? Wow…

samspeedo said,  

Yes, I haven’t forgotten him either!

Absolutely LOVE those AQUX speedos . . . a bit desperate to get a pair, except the sizing seems to be a bit of a problem.

You need to be a slightly built guy (which I used to think I was) in order to fit into a pair!

Eric said,  

The grey speedos above the AQUX shots look nice too. Nice ass crack. But the AQUX are great. Not only do you have to be slightly built, but you simply can’t pull them up. The way they are cut they have to be worn as low as you can go, ass crack, cock mound and whatever else hanging out. Even this guy is wearing them too high at the sides. You can see by the way his cock is pulling them down at the front he needs to let them ride low.

Dave Evans said,  

Sam and Eric,

You guys are right on the Aqux speedos – I had a pair of those white ones once and the biggest size possible was far too small.

I couldn’t wear them at all, even in the bedroom, so I gave them away on an eBay auction.

It is a shame because they look hot!!!


Eric said,  

Dave, you’ve posted pictures before of guys modelling AQUX suits – Japanese or Chinese, I think, wherever they’re manufactured. They are all slight guys with narrow waists and as I said, they wear them extremely low, showing ass crack and pubes, and even the top of the thighs. They are cut so you can pull them on only so far, just to the top of your cock and halfway up your ass and then you stop, with the sides and back even with the level of your cock mound. Pull them up any more and they probably castrate you! Unlike an ordinary cut, they don’t seem to hang low at the back when worn like this, but fit the ass snugly. Very hard to wear well without the perfect slim Asian body, but hot as fuck! Can you post some of these shots maybe?

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