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I think I’ve only ever owned 1 pair of print design speedos and those are the Turbo speedos (click here to see them).  Perhaps when it comes to speedo design I’m a bit old fashioned….. a bit missionary perhaps.

Anyways, I thought I’d share these print speedo designs, if it takes you a while before you can take your eyes off the guys wearing them you will be forgiven – dang these guys are hot!!!

Print SpeedoSpeedo BumPrint Speedo Design

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samspeedo said,  

Mmmm . . . it WAS hard to keep the gaze on the speedos, only! Then again . . . what a lovely combination of great prints and hot bodies! Loved ’em!

Checked out the Aronik site and found a lot of excellent looking, hot guys modelling Aronik speedos. Worth checking out. Couldn’t find out what they’re made out of but guess it’s lycra. The white Aroniks almost look transparent!

Darren said,  

The guy in the second pic looks as if he needs company on that sun bed, and I am the guy for him. What a beautiful ass.

cr said,  

Sadly, my main focus was on the speedos, which I will admit, I really wish the last speedo was in my collection. Since I don’t have the last speedo, can I at least have all three of these speedo wearers in my bed to consult me for not having that one speedo?!?

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