Red Speedo @ the Pool

I saw a really hot young guy wearing red speedos at the pool yesterday!!!

I’ve worn my red Arena speedos to the pool and I’ve seen a couple of older guys wearing red speedos but I’ve never seen a younger guy wearing speedos.  Maybe I’m reading too much into it but it was the highlight of my day.

He was 2 lanes over and I did get to watch him get out of the pool and it was amazing!!!!!

Am I reading too much into a red speedo?

Red Speedo in the Hottube

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samspeedo said,  

Nah, Dave, that’s a perfectly normal reaction!

On really rare occasions when I’ve seen a guy in a red speedo at a pool or beach, I’ve always thought that was a hot guy with great self confidence!

Should be lots more of them (and other speedos) on younger guys!!

DonFL said,  

Perhaps he’s a lurker on your blogs and was hoping to attract your attention and get to meet you… What better way than to wear red speedos that turn you on!

Dave Evans said,  

Don – he definitely turned me on mate. After my swim, I went home, put on my speedos and jerked off thinking about him and me both in our red speedos.

Sam – you are spot on about this guys confidence. Great to see a young guy sporting the red speedos.


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