Speedo Foursome

Last Sunday Kip had his first Aussie BBQ (no shrimp – we don’t do that, and we call them prawns not shrimp).

Yesterday Kip had his first Aussie foursome.

Alex had lined up to have Friday afternoon off, he and Kip got along well last weekend and both knew what was going on.  And I texted Tim during the week to see if he’d be keen to join us.

What would you say if you were asked to join 3 guys?  Tim said yes.

I woke up on Friday morning next to Kip’s naked body and it was pretty hard to restrain myself but it was worth it.

Kip and I opened the door wearing nothing but speedos and I imposed a speedo only policy at the door.  Tim arrived first and we were having a drink when Alex arrived and stripped down to his black speedo brand speedos.

It was pretty hot having the four of us, all in speedos standing around my kitchen counter.

Things started off with Tim and I making out and Alex and Kip making out before things just turned into an orgy back in my bedroom.

This is only the third time that Alex has been fucked and Kip and I both got to fuck him.  Kip took all three of us in his arse at some point during the 2 hour fuck fest.

I did actually take some photos but I’m not sure if I’ll publish them or not.  If I do I’ll put them up on SwimmerBoyz.com so keep that in mind.  I’ve also written about this foursome in very graphic detail.  I’ve put it up on SwimmerBoyz.com as well – gotta look after my members.

It is only $4.95 to join – www.SwimmerBoyz.com

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3 Users Responded in " Speedo Foursome "

Brian Dixon said,  

Can’t find the story in SwimmerBoyz. I’m anxious to read how things turned out. I’ve been enjoying the Alex saga.

Dave Evans said,  


I’ll be putting it up later today – I got half was through writing it and was too horny so I got ‘distracted’.

Are you liking the new movie format?


Jack Tanner said,  

Hiya Dave – still not seeing the story on SwimmerBoyz and busting thru my speedos just thinking about it…hope my trial membership won’t go to waste, but somehow I think I’ll find plenty there to keep me entertained. 😉

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