Speedo Swim

Last night I finally went for a swim in my buildings pool wearing nothing but a pair of black speedos.

It isn’t very private and there always seems to be people about – that is my excuse I suppose.

Well last night I ran into Natalie at the pub and she came home with me.  She kinda likes it when I’m wearing speedos and I happened to be wearing speedos under my jeans (95% of the time I wear speedos as you guys know).  Natalie asked me to keep my speedos on when my jeans came off and she licked my cock through the lycra of my speedos before sitting on my lycra covered cock and rubbing her g-string covered pussy up and down my cock.

It was hot and the first time a girl has done that to me and actually made me cum.  Sounded like Natalie enjoyed it as well.

When we were done there was a bit of a mess and Natalie suggested we head down to the pool.  It was about 3am, we had towels but the only other clothing we had was her g-string and my black speedo.  We had to be pretty quiet but we did end up fucking in the pool.

Natalie is a good sport and I really can’t wait to line it up with Will, her and me.


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Dr. Phil said,  

Nice photos here, Dave!

And wow, that’s totally hot, what happened with Natalie! Where are all the women like her hiding? I wish I could go to a pool or a hot tub easily at the moment…If I had one in my building, I’d be at it and in it all the time…And would LOVE to have someone to enjoy it with as well!

zebra said,  

Dave — Such blissful, precious moments with Natalie — thanks for sharing. And you can be sure they brought out the appropriate response, here on the other side of the world…

Dave Evans said,  

Zebra & Dr. Phil,

Yeah it was pretty hot – we had to be pretty quiet though, one day I need my own private pool and hottub to do whatever I want.

Obviously a speedo (or less) only rule would apply.


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