Speedo Twinks

Lately I’ve had some really really hot speedo twinks – twinks being guys 18yo to maybe 25yo.

I think the all time best speedo twink was Hawaiian Speedo Student – click here to see some pics of him.

So I thought I’d post some of the hottest guys in this post…. tomorrow I’ll post some pics of some speedo hunks – hunks being guys over 25yo.

Speedo TwinkTwink wearing Truwest SpeedoSmooth SwimmerFun Speedos

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Don FL said,  

In reference to slightly older and hunkier twinks, I’ve read the term “Twunk” being used.

Dr. Phil said,  

I think there’s more to twink-ishness than the age group, though. When I was that age, for example, I don’t think I was a twink (even though I was as thin as, or thinner, than many twinks are), mainly due to things like hairstyle, overall fashion sense, etc.

Based on the photos above (which are all lovely!), I think #1, #2, and #3 are probably twinks in their non-speedo lives, but I’m not sure about #4–he doesn’t have that twinkish quality that I associate with true twin-dom. He could just as easily be a straight Eastern European (possibly even Russian) who is a dude-bro in the rest of his life, but just enjoys a colorful Speedo on his holidays in Crimea the new part of Russia.

Darren said,  

Love the third pic, looks as if his cock might pop out the top if he gets a hard on. Will and I have just booked two weeks in the sun. Sun. sea, sand and hopefully a lot of sex. Will pack my kiniki white and yellow 1 inch side swim briefs and swim thong like the one on the blog last week together with several g-strings for night time and when not on the beach. Hope to find a quiet beach for topping up our all over tan. I will probably keep my cock ring on all the time, should look good in my swim briefs.

Walt said,  

So…officially, are twinks 18-25 year old guys who are not st8 ?
Darren — love to see a guy that wears his cock ring all the time. I do also…For me I have to make sure it is loose enough to not cut off circulation, but still tight enough to not slip off when you are supper soft. What has been your experience.

spear said,  

I’ve known a lot of guys that were in the 18 to 25 age bracket, (me included) and if they were referred to as “twinks”, I think they would have busted the person who called them a twink. I can’t say I agree that 18 to 25 year olds are all twinks.

Darren said,  

Walt, My cock ring is secure enough to stay on all the time, as you say, too tight is uncomfortable and too loose, it falls off when my cock is ‘at rest’. Look forward to wearing on the beach with or without speedos. Should get some looks either way.

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