Speedos at the Pool

Why didn’t anyone tell me this was Easter weekend?  I had no idea until yesterday morning that it was Good Friday.

So it turned out Friday wasn’t very good for me at all, no swim with Alex, no sex with Alex and the weather is still rotten!!!

I did get to the pool on Thursday though, being a crappy day I swam for ages and I am still feeling it two days later.

One of guys in town has invited me to Easter breakfast but otherwise I don’t have too much on this weekend, how about you guys?  Is there any speedo weather anywhere in the world?

Swimmer in SpeedosSwimmer in the PoolSwimmers BodySwimmers Butt

3 Users Responded in " Speedos at the Pool "

vasy said,  

On the third pic, what he is doing with his hand the boy behind..

Darren said,  

That guy in the third pic is awesome, nice smooth body, I wish I was standing behind him, I would change the look on his face! Sorry Vasy, I do not think the guy behind is doing anything by the look on the guys face.

vasy said,  

perharps the both Darren…lol

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