Strip Scrabble

Last night the Surfer Chick came over and I cooked up a roast lamb for dinner.  Went down well and we played Scrabble after dinner.  I haven’t played Scrabble in years, maybe decades.

This morning we were going to go for a surf but might have had a little too much wine post dinner and a morning sleep in and shag sounded much more fun – hehehe.

When Surfer Chick left I was cleaning up the house and saw the Scrabble board from last night.  I thought I’d add my two current favourite speedos there to show you guys that it was me.  Surfer Chick hasn’t seen either of these yet but I might wear the red Arena’s to the pool next week when we go for a swim.

I was looking it up and there is a way to play Strip Scrabble – not sure it will really work with 2 people but sounds like fun with 4 people.

Strip Scrabble

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