Stripey Speedos

As expected I had a hell of a late night.  I managed a couple of hours sleep on the couch and then got up for a surf with the boys.  I’ve just walked in from that.

I’ve got some chasing up to do now and then I might have an afternoon nap.

Enough boring stuff, I want to be posting photos and movies of guys looking good and having sex in speedos.  Check out this guy, I saw him in the ‘Speedo Photos of the Day‘ and I think those 2 photos are the same guy don’t you?  Are those AussieBum speedos?

I’ve got something a lot more fun to post tomorrow which I’ll do for you guys, if you are bored, there are 85 hours of movies over on or you can see all the guys over at the

Speedo ModelSpeedo Butt

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