Suns Out and so are Speedo Boys

Today is an absolute cracker of a day, light wind, not a cloud in the sky and high 20’s (celsius).

I just got back from a lovely walk up the beach and I am horny from all the speedo guys that are out there enjoying this weather.

A little bit north of where I am there is a dog beach and on the beach were two guys that I have seen before (I think on Sundays), they look late 30’s, fit/average build and both are always wearing speedos (which is why I remember them).  They have a couple of dogs as well.

I don’t want speedos to stereotype people but what do you think are the odds that these two speedo guys are a gay couple or gay fuck buddies?

I’m going to say it is pretty likely.

If either of those guys are reading this post, please get in touch with me because I would love to start my Sunday mornings off with….

Seeing you two at the beach:

Beach Day in Speedos

Then I would take you guys up to the dunes (both or one at a time if someone needs to look after the dogs):

Beach Blowjob

After I was done with you both, I would probably need a swim to clean up this mess:

Speedos and Cum

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