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Ryke Speedos

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Does anyone here know someone, or are maybe even working with the speedo company Ryke?

I’ve never seen a pair of these speedos in the flesh, but they have some gorgeous models and there are a few guys out there wearing them and showing off their speedo selfies wearing Ryke.

They are $80 though….. that is just a bit rich for me.  Wearing speedos pretty much all the time, sometimes I wear a pair of speedos out pretty quickly.

I would love a pair of the ones pictured below though.  I am working pretty hard on loosing a little bit of weight, maybe if I reach a weight goal I will shout myself a pair of these.

What do you guys think?  And, what is the most expensive speedo you have ever bought?

Ryke SwimwearRyke Speedo
Mens Speedo Style Swimwear Ryke


March 15th, 2024

Nothing Beats a Speedo Bum

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Yesterday afternoon I met a friend for a late lunch.  Chick, nothing naughty and she thinks I am 100% str8 (maybe not now).  I have been working way too much in the office so I thought I should make the effort and get some sun so I agreed to meet at a gorgeous little beach down a little bit north of where I live.

There is a Surf Life Saving Club (I have mentioned my experiences being a member of a Surf Life Saving Club, which I will repost for you guys tomorrow) which is right on the ocean and has a fantastic restaurant/bar so we agreed to meet there.

If any of my non-Aussie readers/fans aren’t sure what a Surf Life Saving Club is, let me know in the comments and I am happy to explain how it works.

It is was a great day, sun was out and there were a few people on the beach.  We had a table on the patio overlooking the patrolled beach.  There were a few chicks in thong bikinis which seems to be a continuing trend and my lunch date commented on it (she is a little older than me).

Half way through lunch, my lunch mate used to rest rooms and while she was away this guy, mid 30’s wearing a Budgy Smuggler speedo walks across the beach right in front of the Surf Club.  He was gorgeous and to top it off, he had such confidence that I was blow away.  His ass, his chest, his legs, OMG, it was a real life Aussie Speedo Guy blog post.  Hahaha.

Only problem was, while I was ooogggling the Budgy Smuggler Speedo Adonis, my friend returned from the bathroom.

I’m really not sure how badly I was caught.

I passed it off saying there was some eye candy for her since the thong girls were eye candy for me.

It did prompt a little bit of a discussion regarding mens swimwear.  She told me that it wasn’t fair that girls always wore skimpy swimsuits and she hoped that speedos would become a trend, just as thong bikinis had.

I couldn’t agree with her more.

Great Ass

September 15th, 2023

Interesting Cut

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One thing I find with wearing speedos pretty much all the time (I don’t own any ‘normal’ underwear), is that I do wear them out.  AussieBum Classics tend to fade but keep their shape, this might be because they are nylon.  But most speedos I find, loose the elastic in the bum.  Then they start to give me a wedgie which isn’t appropriate for pool attire.

Unless that is what you are looking for.

Check these speedos out, definitely an odd cut that I have never owned and not really sure they would work, I can see them just sliding up the crack.  What do you guys think?

Interesting Male Swimwear CutInteresting Speedo

August 17th, 2023

$150 Speedo

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Good morning guys (Monday here), I’ve had a crazy hectic few weeks but this morning I woke up in my own bed, on top of some personal/family things, on top of some financial things and I’m excited for six weeks of being home in my routine.

Sounds like a boring Xmas/New Years, but I like the idea of a boring Xmas/New Years.

Quick blog post this morning before I go for a swim.

A speedo company that has been around for a few years, and one who has NEVER replied to my attempts to touch base with them, emailed me (a promo email, not specifically for me) advertising a Xmas special of $40 off a pair of speedos.  Like us all, I get lots of emails but the $40 off stuck in my head and I thought maybe I’d buy a pair for Xmas.  I remember the last time I checked this brands website their speedos were expensive but the $40 should make them OK.

$40 off a $150 pair of speedos still makes there WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!

That is what I think anyway, what do you guys think?

I think the most expensive speedo I have in my current collection is a $60 Q Swimwear speedo.  I wore it to the pool yesterday and it is more of a waterpolo speedo, the feel of it is tough and durable.

Needless to say, I didn’t take up the offer of the $110 speedo.

Resqme Speedos

I have owned one pair of these speedos and here are some speedo selfies of me wearing them (full gallery for members of course).

Red Speedo Selfies

December 19th, 2022

Anyone want some new speedos

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I’m about to place an order for some ADDICTED speedos through a contact of mine (sounds secretive).

If anyone is interested in a pair of these, I can get them for $25 each (I’ll include the postage).  It is crazy cheap compared to what they cost ‘officially’.  Only downside is, they have to come from Europe to me (here in Australia) and then I’ll ship them on so will take at least four weeks.

I’ve already have 20 pairs to order and since I don’t make a dollar on this, it will be available for members only.

If you are interested, shoot me an email

I’ll arrange payment through PayPal.

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August 23rd, 2022

Black and White Speedos

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It was in late December that I finallly received my first pair of ADDICTED speedos and I really love them.  Sometimes a speedo brand won’t fit no matter what size you choose but other times, a speedo brand fits perfectly and that has been my experience with these new speedos.

I also love the way they look, colourful without being too ‘gay’ and I really do wear them everywhere.  Local pool swimming laps, the beach and my building pool.

These same speedo I can get in white as well and I think I’m going to order a pair.

Might be fun for my Landlord and I to be wearing matching speedos, one in black, one in white.  What do you guys think?

Click here to see the full gallery of me wearing mine:

New  White Speedos

February 9th, 2022
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