Tastey Speedo Butts

Tomorrow I’ve got something that I think you guys are going to like.

I was hoping to have it finished today and although I’ve worked probably 15 hours today, 14 hours yesterday I don’t quite have it ready but should have it done tomorrow.  I’m excited about it and keen to see how it goes.

In the mean time, enjoy these tastey speedo butts – hehehe.  No time at the pool for me so far this week but I might try and get to the pool tomorrow if I get this project finished.

See you guys tomorrow.

Speedo BumBlack Speedo - Butt PhotoButt in Nike SpeedoAnother Speedo Butt

8 Users Responded in " Tastey Speedo Butts "

spear said,  

Nothing like a nice tight ass in a skimpy suit wanting a butt fuck

Dave Evans said,  


Looking at those pics makes me wanna fuck some arse.

…..I think I might see who is floating about on Grindr this afternoon.


DeepKisser said,  

They are nice butts.

samspeedo said,  

Well said, spear! I’m in a speedo at the moment, hoping someone will butt fuck me too!

spear said,  

Ok samspeedo. stand next to the guy bending over and you’ll both get the fuck you need

spear said,  

Better yet, I’ll butt fuck you both into a coma

darren said,  

Pic number 2 for me, that is one great arse just waiting for me.

ilikeyou said,  

More photos

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