Tim Cook is gay, big surprise

Breaking news, Tim Cook (the CEO of Apple, who took over after Steve Job’s left us) is gay.

Wow, I’m completely shocked.

I honestly thought he was gay and had been out of the closet.

Can I let some of these guys into a secret, we already know.  Ian Thorpe, Tom Daly, Anderson Cooper and that guy from Savage Garden.

The breaking news would be if any of those guys came out as being straight or bisexual.

If anyone would like to read the article from Tim Cook.  He does mention how ‘proud’ he is to be gay, although yesterday he wasn’t really proud enough to share it – click here.

I suppose I am sounding a little synical, I support anyone who wants to come out of the closet in whatever manner they choose.  I also support anyone who wants to stay in the closet as well.

Tomorrow, part 1 of telling you guys about Kip’s last night in Australia (with Tim, Alex and yours truly).

Since I don’t think there are any speedo pics of Tim Cook, although he is a fitness nut so I think he could look pretty good in a speedo I thought I’d look for some celeb speedo photos.  More celebs have come out of the closet than have come out of the closet wearing a speedo.

I’ve created a topic over on the Speedo Forum (SpeedoForum.org) if you have any celeb speedo photos you’d like to share.

I think the hottest speedo celeb in recent times has to be David Beckham, he talks like an 8yo girl but he looks great and he wore a white speedo!!!

Beckham White SpeedoBeckhamDavid Beckham

I don’t think Jerry O’Connell has ever made anything more than a B-Grade movie but I love his speedo style!!!

Jerry O'Connell wearing a red speedoJerry O'Connell shopping in a speedo

If I was going home each night to Nicole Kidman I’d stay off the booze, stop being a loose Keith Urban, you have to be one of the luckiest guys on the planet!!!  Good work sporting a speedo for us though!!!

Keith Urban in a Speedo

There really aren’t that many pics of modern celebs wearing speedos.  There are a bunch of European and South American soccer players in their speedos but I don’t know any of them.  Here are a couple of older celebs…..

The Hulk….. he looks comfortable in a speedo.

Hulk in a Speedo

Tom Selleck is another old guy who would have been sporting a speedo no probs.

Tom Selleck in a speedo

And the last one…… Rod Stewart.  There are some pics of Rod Stewart recently on a huge yacht wearing a white speedo but the pics were just horrible quality.  No matter what Rod Stewart wore I’m sure it was cool.

Rod Stewart

2 Users Responded in " Tim Cook is gay, big surprise "

beerdoc_colorado said,  

if I had a big yacht, I would always wear a speedo. it would be required attire.
I really like Thorpe. maybe I have a thingy for tall good looking swimmers wearing speedos, with an Aussie accent. but you are OK also dave. 🙂

Dr. Phil said,  

I’ve also seen some of Tom Cruise…and there is one of Harrison Ford floating around out there, too. I miss the 70s and 80s for this reason…

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