Touch Footy

Last nights BBQ was nice and chilled out – perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I was asked during the evening if I wanted to play touch footy with the boys.  They have a team and I was always terrible at all forms of football but I like watching it.

Turns out as the season has worn on their team which had a bunch of spare players is dwindling.  I said I’d come along and play…. unfortunately the ‘touching’ isn’t naughty at all.

Can someone ask me to join their speedo wrestling squad?

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2 Users Responded in " Touch Footy "

cr said,  

How about welcoming Kip to Aussie land with a wrestling match between you, Kip, Alex, & Tim? I can just envision the punishment you would award to the looser…..

k1speedo said,  

Perhaps you could start your own speedo wrestling club Dave? I would be your first member. I would love to try out the position of the 3 guys in the last pic.

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