Want free white speedos?

It takes courage to wear white speedos (isn’t there something your Mum told you about girls who wore white pants?).  White speedos are often see through and will get you notices nearly as much as red speedos.

Do you want some white speedos?

If you join my site – SwimmerBoyz.com for a month or longer I’ll send you a free pair of my DE Swimwear.  They are white and they are super super super see through!!!  I’m coming to the end of this promo so if you want some drop over and check out the site.  As well as the DE Swimwear, there is 85 hours of speedo movies which I’ve got a feeling you guys might enjoy.


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2 Users Responded in " Want free white speedos? "

Abe said,  

Very interested in you white speedo offer. Any possibility of sending/posting a pic of the speedos?
Do they have a seam down the center?

Dave Evans said,  


Here are some pics of my DE Swimwear in an old post – https://www.aussiespeedoguy.org/speedo/modelling-my-de-swimwear

No seams except on the sides and no liner either which makes them uber see through.


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