Waterpolo Invitation

The school holidays (same as the summer break for those in the north) is over now and this past week I’ve gotten back in to a nice routine at the pool. The beach is quieter as well which is nice.

One thing I did find out this week is that the waterpolo season has started up again now that the holidays are over. How do I know this? One of my members has invited me to go along to waterpolo training next Saturday (I couldn’t make it today). I have never played waterpolo but due to the uniforms, I’m obviously a fan. I think my swimming should be up to scratch but other than that I will be a complete newbie.

I should go look up the rules.

Anyone here play mens waterpolo?

I might have some naughty thoughts about all those waterpolo speedos guys this week…..

Gay Swedish Waterpolo Player

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Matteuro said,  

I love that you included some pictures of Spanish guys. The one that is holding the ball with clouds in the background was taken at the same gym that I was member in Barcelona. It was full of guys like him, Olympic teams would train there and some guys would take very long showers exposing themselves in search for some action…

Matteuro said,  

Love it, some of the pics are from my gym in Barcelona, Olympic waterpolo team trains there. ?

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