White Speedo’d it up

Over the last few weeks I’ve really appreciated all the comments you guys have been posting.  As I write this post (my 2,062th) there have been 6,787 comments and I can say that I’ve read every single one of them.

Yesterday was no different when I posted about wearing white speedos to the pool for the first time.

It was a cold, overcast kind of day and there were 2 other people in the pool and nobody else the whole time I was there (a bit over an hour).  An Olympic sized pool looks pretty big with only 3 people in it.  So in the end, nobody noticed and nobody cared.

Usual Friday afternoon here, I’m going to have some prawn sandwiches for lunch, then by 6pm I’m guessing the boys will be around to watch the Swans play Hawthorne (Aussie rules) and then we’ll end up at the pub I’m sure.  I just got a text from Alex saying that he’ll be around for the game a well which will be good since I haven’t seen him since earlier in the week.

I spoke with Kip and he said that there is 20″ of snow forecast for him this weekend – holy moly!!!

Pool Speedo

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

yes..sadly snow…i bought flowers but will wait a couple days to plant. wishing i was at your beach..tanning

Dave Evans said,  

I don’t know Beer Doc, not many thinks I wouldn’t sacrifice for 20″+!!!!


Pete25 said,  

When is Kip flying south to see you?
Hope Alex is able to spend some solo time with you.

Darren said,  

Great pair of white speedos, nearly see thru.

Dave Evans said,  


No solid plans for Kip heading south just yet. He might leave it until August and get some snowboarding in down here.

When he does come down he’ll probably spend a couple of months which will be great.

I’ll definitely keep you guys posted.


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