Busy busy busy

Hey guys – I’ve been super flat out the last 4 days or more. We had some new snow and I had to go riding with some people who are leaving town today.

Our apartment/condo seems to be full of people, with everyone leaving over this 10 day stretch people are saying goodbye and stuff. I have been sooooo tired I haven’t had any time to have any ‘fun’ with Will in a week or so now – pretty sad I know. He still isn’t sure if he’ll hang around for that week after the season closes.

I did order that camera today though so hopefully that will get here by the end of next week (if you haven’t seen the camera – click here).

What I would like to do over the next couple of days is find out what pic you guys like the most. So to see all the posts with pictures – click here. On the picture you like the most – leave a comment on that post saying ‘This is my favourite’.

I have lots of favourites and I’m going to repost some of them.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

3 comments on “Busy busy busy
  1. george says:

    hey ya!

    nice website, Ive fun reading it… and I can’t wait getting this link to the photos… Truly, Im happy there’s anyone else than me who likes speedos that much…

    by the way, Im such an australia freak! I love this country, I love sydney! so sad that Ive only been there once.

    so, greetings from germany,

  2. adam says:

    Hi Dave,
    Have a bit of rest along the way there mate.
    As you know i think of your site very highly and the great job you do,and wounld like to thankyou for the past couple of months for all the efforts you put in to all of this.
    Have a great easter and enjoy.YOU NEVER know a big easter egg may come your way with brad popping out of it in his swimsuitmmmmm.
    MY PIC OF photo is of your in your red speedos certanily showing your manhoodmmmm.
    And the next is that brad what a body and speedos you can always send him to me.
    Adam have great EASTER
    pS i keep singing your praises dave

  3. speedoaddict says:

    hey dave i once sent u ine pic.. i find it awsomely HOT

    if u didn’t see it ask me again for it, i would be pleased to send it back
    it’s a great pic, very hot

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