Day after my super wanking effort – heheh

Well today is the day after my super wanking effort yesterday. I ended up cumming 5 times – and I still had a slight hang over by the time I went to bed. I’d love to find out exactly why I am so horny on days when I am hung over.

Ow well – today the weather has been pretty bad so went for a board this morning (battled the english tourists) and did a very cheap grocery shop. I wanted to grab another bottle of rum but since I’m still waiting for some money on the site – will have to wait – not happy Jan.

No wanking so far today – haven’t spoken to Adam since the weekend but might give him a buzz tonight. Which reminds me – I should start thinking about my rooting options for the weekend – give my right arm a break.

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3 comments on “Day after my super wanking effort – heheh
  1. lawrence says:

    you say “why I am so horny on days when I am hung over.”
    All men are like that in case your intereted. its a PHYSICAL” balance things with sugars in your blood stream….. you have a lot of glucose etc waiting to be burned off. and physiologically your energies are still in your ” groin” area. . since you are preoccupied with sex.[ which’s is cool at your age]/ thats where all the effort is going. ALSO. “wanking” releases more than just sperm etc. there is pain killers when your blow a load. . such as cortisone etc. and it reduces your hangover feeling and promotes blood flow and elimination of excess toxins. . so in essence your body is trying to balance itself. . and frankly what better what than your expression . it feels good. and you feel better. cool huh?? so you see there is MORE going on that you think. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aint nature grand?? 🙂

  2. Administrator says:

    Lawrence – thanks a million for explaining that. Sounds like the best hang over cure – well the most fun anyways.

    I’m definitely going to go even harder next time I’m hung over.

    Thanks mate.

  3. Cris says:

    Nice explanation

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