DESwimwear Running out the door

Just thought I’d give you guys an update on how my new speedos are going.

I haven’t had much time to promote them yet with my move and all – AND with the moving I haven’t been able to organise any foto shoots which makes it a bit hard for people to imagine what they are going to get.

All the same the Size Small has already sold out!!!!

I’m working on the official site now and as soon as I get some pics it will be online.  I’m really keen to get in pics from guys who have bought a pair and there will be lots of prizes of course.

Leading up to Xmas I’m going to be pretty quiet on it but once the New Year hits I’m keen to get them out in some new colours and perhaps a 1″ side version.

If you want a pair – go to

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

One comment on “DESwimwear Running out the door
  1. robspeedoboi says:


    Im with you 100% with the idea of a 1″ side version.
    Autographed pairs would be hot too.

    And if you are willing to sell yours or WILL’s pair, let me
    know! Lol

    Seriously Dave I love your speedos and the eficient service
    provided by Aquadaks. Thinking about how to boost sales
    over the next few weeks. Merry Speedo Xmas


Let me know what you are thinking.....