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OK guys – this is an email I had to send to a guy that has been emailing me asking about the last round of updates. I never want to be a prick but I’ve emailed this guy now 4 times telling him in serious detail about the updates I’ve made.

How much is enuf???

I don’t think I lost my temper but hey – it is like $29.95 a month – it is like half a days rent for me. For the site is about 1/10 if a foto shoot.

I replied…..

Mate I like talking to you and all bud – and you have been an avid supporter of the site over the last x amount of time (I’m honestly not sure what x is but I do remember emailing you ages ago).

Mate – I will be honest with you. My life revolves around the site. I’m in my final year of uni and I declined some very lucrative jobs with some big accounting firms for 1 reason and 1 reason alone.

I love The Site
That is the 1 reason. I love working on the site. I love getting out of bed after 5hrs sleep and a terrible hang over to check that all the members are having a good time. I love, after 3 days of not sleeping because of a technical probem that I don’t understand, everything starts to work again and I get to sleep in until midday (and then go to an exam).

But most of all mate – I enjoy talking to guys who have the same passion that I have. A passion for hot guys wearing speedos. I have flown into countries and not even been able to spell the name of the country I was in (actually it was only once and it was Mauritius and I do know how to spell it now) but because my site has had members in that country I have met people that were fantastic. I don’t know a word that describes a person more than fantasic – maybe awesome, wicked, sick – in the good way but that is how I’d describe the countless people that I’ve met from The Site.

I’ve met people (in person) from;
New Zealand,
The US,
Netherlands (Amsterdam – ow yeah!!!!)
and Fiji.

When I grew up I had a speedo fetish (if that is what you can call it) and I felt alone. But now – I feel absolutely normal. No, more than normal – I feel special!!!!

Charles – thank you for your emails mate – but – I have to make a living and I hope you understand how much time I spend looking after the site. Check out the site….. see the movies list. I don’t mind emailing you once on a question, but mate….. I’ve got assignments, photoshoots, banking, bills, uploads, member emails and more to do every single day. I love talking to you mate but – enuf is enuf. Check out the movies – if you like them…. JOIN. If you don’t – don’t join.

I’m not like the huge mega gay sites run by a team of str8 people. I’m a 1 man band. If I spend 30 minutes a day (you know I’ve emailed you know at least half a dozen times) then I can’t get my other work done – ie adding movies, adding pics or interviewing models. Please Charles – one question mate.

I always answer but not too much mate. I have members at that have been there for 2 years and they love the updates. They have a problem – I get back to them straight away. They have a request for my next model….. (ie – what colour speedos they want him to wear) I do it. But Charles…. you join…. then after you take the movies you want you unsubscribe. That is kewl. But don’t expect the service I give to my dedicated members.

I love speedos – I don’t know too many other webmasters who love speedos the way I do.

Please Charles – not so many emails mate – every email I get – I reply. I wanna make real replies – if you email me every day for a week I’m going to start sending BS (BullShit) which I have never sent and I hope never to send.

Mate, the movies update is awesome. Become a life time member and you will get the world. Be a tight arse and join for 7 days and rape my movies and mate I can’t give you what you want. $29.95 a month is a dollar a day. You can sponsor a kid in Africa and have the UN take the lot – or you can join The Site and have that money go to a hot Aussie Guy who wants to show off in his speedos (darn I hope I don’t get sued my the UN).

Hope to see you back Charles.

Dave Evans

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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