James’ First Audition

I first saw pics of this guy, James, years and years ago and I just love how he looks in these classic black speedos!!!

The other day I stumbled across a 5 and a half minute video of James at his first ever porn audition.  When he removed his jeans, he is wearing those same black speedos he is in the pics below.  He does remove the speedos and then jerks off.

I will keep looking for more video of this gorgeous speedo guy!!!

Black SpeedosCock in Black Speedo

And since you guys are Premium Members, I have an auditions video of this guy that I’ve found which you guys might enjoy.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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One comment on “James’ First Audition
  1. Jason says:

    He did porn ages back for English Lads.

Let me know what you are thinking.....