Rooting next to Will

Well I did promise it was going to be a big one last night. Mainly because a lot of the staff up here have to work Xmas eve and Xmas day.

The house party was pretty kewl – they had 2 kegs although I took my own Rum supply. And being Canada there was enuf weed to sink a ship (not really my thing though – I get crazy enuf on rum). I ended up running into a few people I knew from years past which was awesome and all my flat mates were there.

No real avenue for any guy-guy action (although I was wearing my pair of black AussieBums – these parties in the past have ended up in the hot tub – normally nude).

As the night wore on I was coming back from the toilet upstairs and got cornered by this random chick and she jumped me and we tongue wrestled for a couple of minutes while she remembered that she was on her way to the bathroom. Then as things were winding down our condo is a 15 minute through the woods kinda walk so we left on-mass. It ended up a bit of a convoy (it was closer to 3am than 2am).

So back at the condo – more drinks are poured and somehow on the trip home this chick Julie has attached herself to me. I knew Julie from last year – she is very hot blonde chick who works with the kids ski skool but last year she had a boyfriend – and there were always a dozen guys waiting for him to drop dead – hehehe.

We all drink some more and sing some Aussie songs (Land Downunder and Clancy of the Overflow). Will has already hit the sack – these young guys can’t handle these huge party nights that well. Next thing I know I’m in bed with Julie and our clothes are coming off. We are trying to be quiet with Will’s bed less than 2m away from my bed. I was keeping an ear our if he woke up (I wanted to invite him to join us). Funny thing is – earlier that night Will has asked who Julie was as he thought she was hot – if he would only open his eyes now and he could have a good look.

With all the alcohol and being after 4am it was no sexual odessy but released some tension and the thought of being caught by Will was pretty hot. Julie woke up around 10am and headed off – I call it the walk of shame – walking home mid morning in your going out gear and EVERYBODY can guess what you’ve been upto. Will was already up although he didn’t start work until midday. I had a shower and then emerged into the kitchen when Will was – man he was more excited than I was about having Julie over.

I played it pretty kewl – next drunken night I might suggest he join Julie and I – hehehehe.

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