Hey guys – I don’t normally post anything other than speedos BUT this is a post I must do.

I have to congratulate – Dale Begg-Smith – he is an Aussie Mogul skiier who just won a gold medal at the Winter Olypics in Torino.

This guy just won the skiier moguls and he runs a ‘mysterious’ online business that allows him to drive around in Lambo’s and stuff. I’m not sure what line of ‘online business’ he is in but sounds pretty darn good to me. If anyone knows anymore I’d love to know (looks like he runs some online dating sites but that was only after 2 minutes of looking online).

Congrats Dale Begg-Smith – I take my hat off and I can only hope to aspire to what you have mate.

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Dave… where in Canada are u… or is that “a little bit about me” profile a little old?


It’s an internet advertising company called ADSCPM which he started at age 13. He’s now 21 and the company is worth $40million aparently. He sounds like a great bloke but his company specialises in pop-under advertising (which always makes me clench my fists in rage).

I did a google image search for his pics and I reckon he is a cutie 😉


His performance in the moguls was awesome and definitely the best. An Olympic moment for sure. He deserves gold.


apparently he used to have 40 people working directly under him. however he said he has kind of wound the business down to concentrate on the olympics. apparently he doesn’t make any pop under or pop up advertising. his software just tracks it for other companies. his brother jason runs the company with him, and they only started it cos they needed to fund their skiing. now he doesn’t need any sponsors. he’s really media shy which i find totally adorable. and it doesn’t hurt that he’s super cute.


Didn’t mention the fact that he is actually a Canadian, who moved to Australia so she could operate his business and compete. Aussie Aussie etc. is a little misleading.


nah it’s not misleading, cos he himself has said “i’m australian”. although he does hold dual citizenship. he’s fielded the question so many times and each time he says “i’m australian” and he has been for three years.

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