I’m in the market for some new speedos, after yesterday’s post I think I might need some red speedos.

In the past I’d go straight to AussieBum but these days I’ve gone off them a little bit.  I love the company and I think that Sean Ashby (the guy who started it) seems like a really great guy…. he hasn’t invited me out on Sydney Harbor in his big fancy boat yet.

Thing is, these days I feel AussieBum is far too expensive and their designs are getting a bit too ‘fruity’, is that the right word?  I used to love their ‘Club’ range, this blog was started because I had a threesome wearing my AussieBum Portsea’s (bottom pic).

I just need to pull my finger out and get me DE Swimwear line back on track…. then I can just make the swimwear that I love and that I hope you guys like as well.

Blue AussieBumsBlue AussieBum SpeedosBlue AussieBum SpeedosBlue AussieBum SpeedosBlue AussieBum Speedos

And here are my current AussieBum Portsea’s, last time I was on the Central Coast.  A few years ago a guy who worked at AussieBum was a fan of this blog and he emailed me and lined me up with these.  I’m told you can’t get them with the logo on the front but somehow he got them for me.

AussieBum SwimwearAussieBum SwimwearAussieBum Swimwear

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Don said,  

Please model the AussieBum Portsea for us!

Camillus said,  

I would like to see a pic of you & Kip in speedo’s, you don’t have to show your face but a body pic of both would be nice bonus for reading your blog. Love it by the way.

Anonymous said,  

So you can’t get the Portsea’s with the Aussiebum logo on the front normally and Dave knows a guy who got him a pair, but there’s a photo of a guy here with them on. Hmmm, who could that be?

David said,  

It seems like the speedos that made Aussiebum great, the 100% nylon range, are being slowly discontinued. I loved the Club range as well, but the latest release are limited and dominated by Wonderjock versions which I find uncomfortable. Portsea seems confined to history.

The new versions evidently have “a comfortable wider waist” but it’s not clear what that means.

Even if not as profitable, so much of their brand has been built on the back of this style that they should keep making more of them, especially gems like Portsea!

Surfboy said,  

Yeah I agree about the NEW ABums….they have moved away from the nylon club designs. So its good to shop for alternatives

Here is a good alternative for a RED suit which I love to wear.

Also in RED but more expensive are these from ES:

Dave Evans said,  


I agree with you mate, I find that wearing the wonderjock for more than 10 minutes to be uncomfortable, and I wear speedos most of the time.

It is a shame that what made AussieBum so great is being replace.

That is OK though, hopefully my DE Swimwear will fill that void.


Paul said,  

I agree with your take on Aussiebum, Dave. I just got in some of their underwear. I don’t think the quality is commensurate with the pricing and they are definitely a bit too “fruity”.

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