Awesome day.

Well I’ve just walked back in guys and I’ve had an awesome day.

I’m not down to a pair of speedos with either Bruce or Tony but I had a great half day snowboarding and had a few drinks on the way home. Dinner is looking like fish and chips so I have nothing to complain about.

The weather today has been phenominal – not a breath of wind and not a cloud to be seen. I actually think that I’ve gotten a little burnt from the sun and its reflection off the snow.

On a very positive side note – I rode with a guy today who is the manager of one of the big hotels in town which has a 25m swimming pool. He said that I was free to come and use it whenever I wanted and that he’d give me a key tomorrow. I’m really stoked about they hey and I’ve organised to meet him early in the morning on the hill to pick up the key.

I’ll try and look around for some fotos of the hotel and its pool for you guys – it would be awesome to get back swimming regularly again (even though it is only a 25m pool).

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