Awesome weekend

Well guys I know I have been a little down lately but the weekend has made up for it.

I hooked up with Antony on Saturday night at his place and had a WILD time moving between his room and the shower, his lounge and the shower and even his car and the shower. He is a great guy and horny as me. He is going to come out here later this week hopefully as he is on uni holidays.

Then last night we had a neighbourhood BBQ with the new neighbours. And yes they are 4 boys, 2 Aussie’s and 2 British lads. All four are working up on the hill, 2 as chains fitting guys on the road up and the Brits are working in the caffeteria. Two of the guys are a bit overwieght but Anthony (this is going to get confusing with Antony and Anthony – so I’ll call him Tony on here although he doesn’t like Tony) is a hot dark headed Aussie guy from Brisbane (near where I grew up) and Bruce is the 2nd English guy and he is pretty hot although I’m not the biggest fan of his accent.

Anyways – I”m ducking out to head up the hill. It is a GLORIOUS day here. Sun is shining there aren’t too many people around and there isn’t any wind. I’ll be back in this arvo so might post some more then.

And I’ve received maybe half a dozen emails since posting the review of (see post below) and sounds like you guys are having some fun in there.

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