Back to the grind

Hey guys,

Whenever I post one of my experiences it takes soooo darn long that when it is finally finished I have soooo much to catch up on.

So I’ll start with Will. We have sucked each other off a few more times – mainly late at night when we are horny but the big thing is that we now walk around our room and bathroom with far less clothing than before. My new speedos arrived after the first time with Will and I love wearing them to bed and Will has taken them off me.

Julie – have only seen her once since the night we tried to organise the threesome with Will. On Wednesday there is somebodies birthday so will catch up with her then and see if I can’t get this threesome to happen – understandably Will is rather keen.

My condom supply is down to 2 so on Friday I ordered some more (keeping Will in mind – hehehe) – will let you guys know when they arrive.

The nude romps around the house will slow down a bit after this weekend for a couple of days – I have a guy who helped me (technical wise) over for 3 days who’ll be sleeping on the floor. Should be good though as I have some tech things I want to do but I’ve been holding off until he arrives.

Keep posting comments for Adam on the post below – I really want to see this guys speedo tan.

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ten and cut

hey dave, maybee you will get to have sex with techie as well. He will certainly know your game from helping with your site!

good luck!



Isn’t it great getting off with your roommate anytime you want? Being able to walk around naked and go for it whenever you want is the best. Do it in every room while you got the chance before the techie gets there.I agree with ten and cut maybe the techie can help you two with an adjustment down the front of your Speedos. Go for it Dave! Jeff@Indiana


hey dave awesome that u got on with Will excellent how it happend – u sure cna pick em buddy….cheers tommo


I just wish there were pix of Dave and you….

On another note. You know that link to movies with the guys in the orange and blue bikinis kissing in front of lockers? Do you know if it came from a movie and, if so, what it’s name? I find them extremely hot.



Your stories are incredible! I always look forward to them.
I want to join your site but it won’t take my visa number.
Not sure why, but I sure would like to become a member.
What are my choices for paying?
I can’t wait to here more about the fun you and your roomie has in the future.
Ken Atlanta



Really enjoyed the story about will. You certanily love those hot tubs have you tried the hot pools in new zealand sure makes your speedos stick in all the right places. dave.
really enjoy this site you are doing a great job keep it up.
All the best

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