Big party tonight

Tonight is my last night in New Zealand – I fly out tomorrow from the big smoke at 3pm.

We are having a BBQ here tonight and it should be a pretty big one – although I’m going to try and not drink too much as I’ve got a 36hr+ day tomorrow.

Sad to be leaving as the weather has been beautiful BUT I’m pretty keen to get inside Will’s speedos again.

Tom is going to be at the BBQ tonight so maybe there is a hope of some last minute kiwi cock.  Wish me luck guys.

Ow and before I go – I’ve made a decision on the condo.  We are going to go the 3 bedroom pad which was something that you all recommended.  The keys are going to be left at the ticket office when we get to the ski field so Will and I will have a place to sleep once we land.

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