I’ve got a date tonight

It is Friday and I’m NOT getting all the things I’m supposed to have gotten done, done.

Wednesday night I went out on the town and got the most drunk I have been in ages. Was good fun though and I did meet a local guy on the dance floor, Mike. I went home alone – probably a good thing considering I was having trouble walking and wouldn’t have given much of a performance in the bedroom.

After such a huge night I pretty much wrote off yesterday and spent the day doing some house cleaning and watched a lot of MTV.

BUT – I did get a call from Mike yesterday afternoon saying he would love to catch up. He remembered me saying something about a hot tub and I invited him over for dinner (and a hot tub of course) tonight.  I’m cooking up a small roast with pumpkin soup for entree and me for dessert – hehehe hopefully anyway.

I’ve just about got everything ready so I’m going to go for a walk with the dog.

I just sent off an email to Mike saying that I have a ‘speedos’ only policy on the hot tub – I’m sure he’ll be fine with it.

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Big Jay

Sounds hott Dave I can not wait to hear how this one turns out!! BTW I am loving the DES speedos that I have, they are some comfortable and look great 🙂


Hey Dave,

As with BIJAY , I too love your DES Speedos and have SEVEN
pairs. You get hard just putting them on! Why seven? Because
it’s nice to share with someone and your prepared for all
sizes! And it’s nice to keep a pair for “best” a pair for general
wear and a pair for plain dirty fun lol.
I hope you go well with your date. Can you post a pic
of his lower body…you don’t have to show face. And I’m
looking forward to those pics of you!

ROBBIE, Adelaide

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