Nude Hottub Bet

I was talking to Kip the other day and he was telling me about a bet he and a mate of his had.  It was a chinese downhill race – first one to the bottom.  And the looser had to nude it up in the hottub.

Nude hottub sounds like a great bet to me so Will and I were talking about and althought it would be fun for us it isn’t that exciting considering that every 2nd hottub we are both nude.

Nude shower

So we have made a pact to try and make that bet with anyone we can on the mountain (there are a few girls in town who have taken a fancy to Will so that will be our first try).

I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on this – remember last year it was the alphabet game that made it the most amazing 5 months of my life.

Nude swim team

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Scott said,  

Dave! You’ve still got to update us on the rest of the alphabet game! We only got half of it!

Dave Evans said,  

Yeah I know Scotty – I’m going to compile the entire list and put it on and – I do have a few of the later letters to finish off though.

I’ve been looking for some new speedos right now and I am horny as all hell. Will isn’t due home until late tonight and I’m not sure I can hold off buddy. Perhaps if I put my mind towards completing my recollection of the alphabet game I can push through until Will gets here and can help me out with my hardon.


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