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I have been thinking for a while about sharing some of my own favourite websites with you guys. Over the last couple of years I have helped out some people with their own sites and I have joined countless sites in the persuit of finding pics and movies of guys wearing speedos.

So each week I’m going to review a site. I’m also going to contact the owner of the site and try and get a ‘deal’ if any of you guys want to join the site (if it is a membership site).

The first site I decided to review is Peter Atkinson is the guy who runs this site and this site is really straight forward – fuck loads of movies on a really fast download server.

All the movie stats are on the homepage (and I did actually count all 159 of the movies which Peter has available).

The members are of the site has had more design time spent on it with ‘recent updates’ and some nice little random movie selection gizmos. But when it comes down to it – it is all about this HUGE list of movies to download. Here is a screen shot of the members homepage.

This site is great if you want to download copius amounts of movies. The quality of the movies does vary from awesome to average but there is enuf of a choice. There are no photo galleries at all which does limit this site to people with broadband internet connections.

Overall – not a bad site at all. Perfect if you want a site where you can download a movie in 5 minutes to get off to.

Whether you are interested in joining or not – I recommend dropping into the site and just looking at the enormous list of movies (which all have a screen shot preview).

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