Speedos in the hot tub.

My first speedo experience in my new hot tub just happened… Only on my own though.

There is a gym in my condo complex so I spent an hour in the gym and then headed to the hot tub wearing my black aussiebums. There was nobody in the hot tub which is outside but on the 2nd floor so nobody can see into it but you can look out onto the ski run.

There is nothing more erotic I think than the freedom of wearing speedos!!! After like 2 minutes I was sporting a full on erection so I leaned back, pulled my rock hard cock out the side of my speedos and went for it. I was just imagining the fun that I hopefully could have in the next couple of months in this hot tub.

I haven’t masturbated in a couple of days – since Vancouver – so it was a big load and I came all over my stomach.

Writing this now I’m getting pretty horny again – time for another one I think….

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