Tom Daley in his Tight Speedos

Did you guys watch much of the Olympics?  I really didn’t, there are so many boring sports and even though I love speedos…. most of the swimming these days involve jammers and swimming isn’t the greatest sport to watch.

I heard that the gorgeous Tom Daley won a few things which is great, obviously I am a long time fan of his.

Finally I got together a bunch of photos of him doing some tandem diving…. do you think these guys fucked after their win?  What I’d do to be in the middle of that!!!

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


These are nice, but they are not Tom Daley. They are Chris Mears and Jack Laugher. They won gold in 3 meter synchronized diving for the UK. Still very cute!


Hi Dave. No didn’t watch the Olympics pretty boring actually. The mens diving & gymnastics which would be best to watch to see some hot guys in speedos and tight gear was impossible to find out when it was televised!! Be great to think these guys get it on after their events, gotta use up all that adrenaline some how!

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