Will is gone and I’m rooted…. literally

Will left today and I apologise for not posting more over the last week guys.

But to be honest – I’ve been shagged in more ways than one.  For the 10 days that Will was here I have been playing the perfect host and showing how around and trying to pick the best activity for the day – be that snowboarding, bungying or down at Milford Sound doing the tourist thing.

When we weren’t out doing that stuff – we were fucking our brains out.

I’m not going to go into the details right now – I’m just waiting up for the New Zealand v Scotland rugby game which starts in 20 minutes and I’m super tired.  But I want to share with you guys that hanging out with Will this last week or so has been awesome.  I’ve never hung out with someone I’ve been so open sexually with in our past – I’m not sure that made sense but what I’m getting at is I’ve never been completely open with someone – then we have gone our seperate ways and then come back together again.

I hope that makes sense.

It was amazing in the fact that I didn’t have to explain my speedo fetish,  I didn’t have to tell Will what I liked and I didn’t have to ask what he liked… we both just knew what to do.  I’ve never had that b4.

I’ve got some great stories to share with you guys – I ran into JK one night when I was out with Will – very weird indeed since it was because Will was coming over that JK and I broke up (that is a very simplistic version).  Will and I did end up having some bisexual fun.  And I ordered some new AussieBum’s which arrived while Will was here – perfect timing from AussieBum.

Gotta fly guys – also I have to tell you about the domain name change from SpeedoGuy to AussieGayBlog – more tomorrow I promise.

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