Tomorrow night is going to be hot.

Well the last 5 days I’ve been doing nothing much other than work. I haven’t been riding in 5 days either which kinda sucks but the weather has been just overcast with no new snow so I don’t mind that much.

I’m going to have some new free movies online tomorrow and I’ll be sure to post a link on here for it.

But the big news is that tomorrow night I’m going to be hooking up with this guy I met online. His name is Brad, he is 29yo and lives about 50km’s away. He is Canadian and from his fotos he is super hot!!! I’ve been emailing Brad back and forth and he broke up from his boyfriend about 6 months ago and is keen for some mutual jack offing and maybe some cock sucking.

He works for the lift company and has got a room for the night and we’ll go riding tomorrow afternoon. I don’t think I’ll involve Will in it but you never know – what do you guys think?

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2 comments on “Tomorrow night is going to be hot.
  1. adam says:

    Hi Dave,

    Well you know what they say all work and no play .
    Any how have a great time & enjoy. Dave.

    All the best


    PS you do a supberb job with your site.

  2. Will says:

    Hey dave,ihave been visitn
    ur site its just gr8 i love u
    i hope i was ur frnd- will
    take care

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