What has been happening here.

Well guys I haven’t really been keeping you upto date with what I’ve been doing lately (other than doing Will of course).

The ski season is winding down here nad I’ve only got 3 weeks left before things close down – I might end up staying 1 extra week after it closes to catch up on some work and I’ve paid rent for that extra week.

I had my last round of house guests left on Sunday and since then I’ve been catching up on work (tomorrow you are going to see some pics of a new model who is amazing!!!). My days are now consisting of getting up at 8am – going for a board for a couple of hrs. Back in by 11am or so – work till 2pm and go to the gym for a couple of hrs. Then work until midnight or later.

Will and I have been playing around but no anal and Julie has been working a lot being spring break over here and lots of ski skool lessons.

I’m trying to talk Will into staying that extra week with me – we’d have the apartment to ourselves – and then go home via Vancouver. I think it would be great to take Will to some gay bars/nightclubs – any suggestions from guys in Vancouver would be great, I’ve been there a few times but still don’t really know my way around.

I joined that UnderwearOff.com site yesterday (it is the one below with the AussieBum blowjob movie preview). It is a pretty sweet site and Craig (the 18yo guy who runs it) had done a good job and I think I like that idea of a $2.95 trial membership which I might try on my own site. Feel free to check it out guys – www.UnderwearOff.com.

That is me for today – I’m working on these pics of this new model which you can see right here tomorrow. Cya then guys.

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3 comments on “What has been happening here.
  1. mike says:

    cant wait to see the new model Dave!!

  2. tommo says:

    looking forward to the new model Dave – is it Will? hehehe

  3. Hey dude, been reading your blog for a long time… If you come back to Oz through Sydney Id love to get a chance to meet up with you… Pull on some speedos and create a hot entry for your blog…. Check out my GDar and get back to me if ya interested 😉

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