What I got upto on the Gold Coast

Finally I’ve got 10 minutes to sit down and tell you guys about my day at the beach.

As you all know I shot back to the Gold Coast (where I lived until 12 months ago) for my Dad’s birthday. I stayed right near where I used to rent an apartment which is 2 blocks from the beach and 2 blocks from the local swimming pool.

I only had 1 full spare day while I was over so I was up early and was at the pool by 10. There was probably 4 people in total in the pool so had tonnes of room. The 2 guys that were there before I arrived were wearing speedos as well. I spent about 45 mins wearing my Portsea AussieBum (you can see them here). I really wanted to go into the showers and masturbate but I had been talking to some guys online and knew a spot on the beach where gay guys hang out in their speedos.

It is a bit of a walk from my place to this end of the beach but by 11:30am I was walking along the dunes – I had stripped down so that I was walking just in my speedos. Man it is a hot feeling!!! Caught the eye of some old guys but kept walking.

In the end I kinda gave up finding some hot younger guy so I found a reasonably quiet area – got out my towel and a book and started sun baking. I had brought a couple of cans of rum and the hours slipped by. Then around 1:30pm I think it was – I hear this guy coming through the bushes. Still on my stomach I turn and look over my shoulder and see this mid-twenties guy, no shirt on and a pair of white board shorts. I was a little embarssed as he was going to walk straight past me to get to the beach. But then he stopped next to me and said – “You’ve got a good spot here mate. Mind if I join you?” He didn’t need to ask me twice.

I sat up and put my book away – things were about to get much more interesting than any book I’ve ever read. As I sat up he learnt over me with his hand out and introduced himself as Justin. For a moment I thought the boardshorts were going to stay on – but they didn’t!!!! The boardshorts came off to reveal a pair of red speedos (with the word ‘speedo’ in white on the back). This was going to be my lucky day. And it looked like Justin was sporting a semi-hardon as well.

I’ll write the rest tomorrow guys….

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11 comments on “What I got upto on the Gold Coast
  1. avi says:

    awww, don’t make us wait!

  2. Ethan says:

    the suspense is unfair!!!

  3. Kenneth says:

    You’re such a tease! Hard as a rock and I have to wait for part two.

  4. greg says:

    i know. don’t leave us hanging. i could feel myself getting hard as i read it then boom. it’s over.

  5. tim says:

    oh man! let’s hear the rest- has to be sweaty from here.

  6. Arthur says:

    I have listed your blog on AdultBlogster.

    Can you Blogroll us or provide a link back?

    Here is a Red Hot Blog icon:

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    Thanks again for the great blog!


    Sorry I hate leaving comments but I could not find an email to contact you at.

  7. Jeff says:

    Hey buddy – just found your blog – excellent stuff. So how many pairs of speedos do you have and how many of them stolen? Also how many with lining cut out? Me – 8 pairs, 6 stolen and 3 with no lining.

  8. Administrator says:


    Nice comment mate – I have 7 pairs of speedos and a pair of the new aussiebum square cut ones (which are really hot and I’m wearing them now). None stolen and none of them have the lining cut out of them.

    Although I have done that a few time with some ADIDAS speedos which was definitely hot. You could see every vein in my cock when I wore them.

    Catcha round.

  9. Bob says:

    this blog is great and i love the gold coast story that ws fab. Hope you have more to tell about what happens to ya and I love men in speedos the hottest thing in swimwear. Next to nude beaches.

  10. robert says:

    how do I get free memberships?

  11. Dave Evans says:


    I’m not the Salvation Army mate. My expenses for March were…

    US$1200 – Server Leases
    AU$2000 – Server admin staff
    NZ$3000 – Models costs.

    That doesn’t include anything for me – or the camera gear I have or the programming knowledge I have. I don’t mean to be a prick but I’m no rich guy – members love the site and they love the work I do.

    I only hope you join and support speedos.


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