900th Speedo Photo of the Day

Today I have just put up the 900th Speedo Photo of the Day on my site SwimmerBoyz.com.

This was part of a site redesign of SwimmerBoyz.com that I did nearly 3 years ago now.  I think this is the 3rd or 4th version of the site which has been great.  Right now I’m working on a redesign of this site which you guys might see some changes later this week.

Drop over and check out the 900 Speedo Photos of the Day, there are 2 awesome movie samples as well on the homepage.  And if you want to watch any of the 85 hours of speedos movies…. it is only $5 to join and I really appreciate your support guys.

I think it was the 800th Speedo Photo of the Day that was Tom Daly and this one is of the always gorgeous Hawaii Speedo Student in what he tells me is a white speedo solar.  A feast for the eyes.


Speedo Photo of the Day


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SteveR said,  

He is adorable.
Incidentally, looks like the domain’s expired on swimmerboyz.com? 🙁

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