A real man wearing speedos

One thing I have been enjoying at the pool is how everyone pretty much wears speedos.

There are a few guys wearing jammers but otherwise it is very speedo friendly, which I think it should be considering you are swimming laps.

Age and even body type doesn’t seem to matter at all, there are some older guys, the ones I’ve seen have been pretty fit though which is awesome and they wear speedos.

I think it is awesome to see masculine, str8 (I’m assuming most of the guys are str8) guys wearing speedos and not thinking anything about it.  Now we just have to convince guys to wear speedos at the beach, that doesn’t happen too much here.

Rugby Guys in SpeedosPlaying in the Surf in Speedos

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Pete25 said,  

I would have thought speedos at Aussie beaches would be more common than those in the U.S. Men just have to get over it.

Darren said,  

You should wear whatever you like. Speedos are the natural swimwear, why wear shorts down to your knees when you are swimming. I wear brief (less than 1 inch sides) white or yellow or a thong, mainly see through on the beach and larger (2 inch sides) at the pool.The folks around must put up with it, it is my choice.

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