Alex’s can’t walk right

It has been a couple of days since I fucked Alex and I’m sure he still isn’t walking right after the pounding I gave his arse.

He did text me this morning, here is what he wrote:

Still pretty sore after Sunday arvo…. “happy sore“. I am looking forward to returning the favour 😉

I mentioned to you guys that I woke up next to Surfer Chick so I serviced her that morning (twice) so when Alex came around that afternoon it was going to take me more than 2 strokes to climax.  I did warn Alex and he said he was up for it……

He came around, we made out a little bit and then he bent over the couch and offered up his pucker hole.

Nice Speedo Bum

And then the fucking began.  First we fucked on the couch, then we moved to my bedroom.

I know that a fit bit counts steps, I wonder if you could get something like that which counted ‘thrusts’?

Alex has been having a hard time with his breakup.  He and I thought that maybe there was a chance of it working out but as each day passes it seems less and less likely.

Gay Anal Sex Position

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