Alex’s First Fuck

As I mentioned in the closing of yesterdays post… Alex did come around for a Surf and Suck…. I just thought about it, Surf and Turf kind of makes sense too – hehehehe.  I’m so funny, I am texting Alex that right now though, I hope he isn’t in some important work meeting.

Here is a story (for members only – remember it is only $5 to join – click here) about Alex’s first ever fuck.  I had been taking it slow with him and I really wanted him to enjoy it and not be too sore.

This happened in July 2014 when Alex was living with a girlfriend.  How things have changed in those 18 months or so.  No days Alex can take a fucking like a champ…. but it all had to start somewhere.  I remember my first ‘bottoming’, do you guys?

Gay Bondage

The response I’ve been getting from my experiences with Alex over the last couple of months has been phenomenal. I really appreciate the feedback and because of it here is another installment of Alex’s sexual awakening.

Alex and I have been busy lately and haven’t caught up for some naughty fun in a few weeks. The last time we caught up I showed Alex my new butt plugs and I put the smallest one inside him and sucked him off. I then let Alex fuck me and he fucked me hard!!!

It is one of Alex’s goals to be able to take a good anal pounding and even before we began our sexual experiences, Alex’s girlfriend would finger him when sucking him off and Alex has admitted to fingering himself when masturbating. When Tim joined us for a beach fuck (click here to read that story) Alex was excited to try his first ‘real’ anal experience but I wasn’t sure he was ready. While he was sucking Tim off, I lubed him up, fignered him for a few minutes and I got the head of my cock inside him but I didn’t want to take it too quick and start pounding away.

Yesterday I got a text from Alex:

Dave, up for some fun tomorrow morning? I think I’m ready.

I knew exactly what that meant. Alex thought he was ready for some real anal sex. One thing on Alex’s sexual bucket list (click here to read that story) is to be tied up and fucked by 2 guys. I don’t think he is quite ready for that but I think that being tied up for his first real fucking could be something that he’d like.

If you are a member – click here to login and read the entire story….

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