Another Friday fuck session

Looks like Alex is enjoying our naughty speedo time as much as I am.

Today, again, he cancelled our pool session for a bedroom session and I didn’t complain.

This time Alex told me that he wanted to get me off and while both of us were making out in our speedos on my bed, Alex got me on my knees and he got behind me.  I could feel his hard cock on my arse through the lycra of both our speedos.

Then Alex reached around and undid the front of my AussieBum Portsea’s and pulled them down in the front releasing my cock.  Alex gripped my cock with his right hand and started jerking me off.  Both Alex and I are cut although I’m not quite as big as he is and he handled my cock expertly.  Alex’s left hand was on my hip and my hands were behind me grabbing his arse letting his grind against me.  It was amazing how close and together we felt.

I didn’t cum straight away and made Alex work for my orgasm but when I did I exploded all over my bed.  Alex didn’t stop stroking my cock until I was spent and when I was finally done I lifted his hand up and licked the cum that dribbled over his fingers.

Now it was Alex’s turn and I asked him what he wanted me to do.

Alex said he’d like to do that same and swap places.  I tied up the front of my speedo and got behind Alex and we repeated what just happened and Alex added his cum to the mess on my bed.

By now I was hard again.  I asked Alex if he’d mind if I jerked off while we kissed.  That was the 3rd load of cum on my sheets.  Alex had to fly and get back to work and I had to wash my sheets…….

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Darren said,  

Two great pics and a lovely shaved cock in the second. It will not be long before your cock is up Alex’s ass Dave.

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