Australian Summer

The weather right now isn’t completely like ‘summer’ (ie sunny, no wind and 30C) it is more cloudy, windy and about 20C but there is cricket on all day and there esky is full of booze.

Being one of the few bachelors amongst my group of friends here and having a place right on the beach although it is much shittier than anyone elses house, my place is a bit of a gathering hub.  My door is never locked and some of the boys keep their surfboards permanently on my back deck.  This time of year most people are off work and my place has been a fun hive of activity.

Yesterday, people were dropping in and out all day to watch a couple of hours of cricket, maybe go for a dip in the surf but generally just hang out.  Alex ended up the last man standing yesterday arvo and the neighbor chicks were hanging out as well.  When the girls finally left I joked that they were off to make love to each other just like Alex and I were…. every one laughed….. if only they knew.  Alex and I did fuck each other and he crashed at my place.

Alex is still in bed as I write this but I might give him a shake and see if he wants to go for a surf before the wind gets up.  Maybe a breakfast/post surf blowjob will convince him to wake up.

Later today I have a bunch of new movies that I’ve uploaded to that I just have to sort through.  If I can get some of them done I will make them live for blog members as well.

Speedo ModelBondi Speedo Play

Hahaha – this is actually what Alex looks like right now.  Although he is wearing black speedos and is in my bed.

Speedo Hang Over

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