Beach Hookup

Finally the weather is warming up here and it is time for Kip to spend some more time on the beach in his speedo.

So yesterday Kip and I got stuck into some work early, then packed up the car with the usual beach stuff, beer, towels, sunscreen….. but we also packed other stuff like condoms and lube.  Before we left I got onto Grindr and updated our profile saying that we’d be at Birdie Beach, from the carpark walk south a couple of kms and we’d be there.

If I was on my own I probably wouldn’t give such an open invitation but it was two of us and to be honest I didn’t think anything would come of it at lunch time on a Friday.

So Kip and I drove up to Birdie Beach and it was just perfect.

There were a few cars around and I always find it a little odd because some people are there just surfing, some people are tourists and obviously have no idea it is a nude/swingers hang out and there are other people that might be there for a hookup.  Kip and I got our stuff and got down to the beach, we didn’t see anyone that stood out or was checking us out.  We started walking down the beach, shirtless but wearing shorts over our speedos.  As usual, there wasn’t another soul on the beach.

I think everyone hangs out at the northern end near the headland.

Once we got away from the carpark Kip and I removed our boardies and were both down to our speedos and backpack each.  Kip was wearing a black speedo brand speedo and I was wearing my AussieBum Portseas (they have a history of resulting in some pretty hot sessions in the past).

My AussieBum Portsea

Another 5 minutes or so down the beach, there was nobody in sight and we were starting to look for a place to setup when we saw a guy sunbaking just in the dunes overlooking the beach.  He was still 50m or so away when we passed him but he was on his stomach reading a book, facing the ocean and wearing a black speedo.

As we passed him we gave him a wave and he waved back.

Now I wanted to find somewhere to camp up real quick.  So about 200m down the beach Kip and I setup at the top of the dunes over looking the beach.  We were still in sight of the sunbaking guy so he knew where we were although he couldn’t see us from his position.

We unpacked, I went for a quick swim, we cracked a beer and started enjoying the sun.

I’ve gotta fly guys, I’ll hopefully finish writing about this tomorrow for you.  It was pretty fucking hot and I’m happy that Kip has had an Aussie speedo experience at the beach after he was complaining last week that he hadn’t seen many Aussie speedo guys.

Bum Close Up

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drew said,  

I’m sure my trainer would be delighted that his picture is being used to illustrate a gay sex story heheheh

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