Beach Sex

Last week I tried to organize a bit of a beach session but it all kind of fell apart.  I was super horny, I had not jerked off in 2 days and then one of the guys pulled out (not literally – I hate the overuse of that word these days), then it got windy.  After it was cancelled, I was then hoping to hookup with Alex at the pool but there was a bunch of people at the pool so we couldn’t really fuck in the change rooms.

Talk about sexually frustrated.

Today, it is going to happen!!!

Alex is definitely in, he is finishing work at midday and then picking me up, a Grindr hookup is in and he sounds awesome!!!  And, there might be a blog fan who will join us but he won’t know until later in the day.  He might just join us on the beach.

This morning I woke up super horny but held off, I pretty much woke up, got out of bed (I wore a pair of blue AussieBum’s to bed), walked out the door and jumped in the ocean.  It was a little cool but had the effect of tapering my morning boner.

I’ve got a few hours of work before Alex picks me up, if anyone else is floating around feel free to join us.  Go to the main Birdie Beach carpark, then walk south on the beach maybe 1km.

Have a good day guys.

Speedos on the SandBeach in SpeedoBlue Speedos at the BeachBeach Speedo

2 Users Responded in " Beach Sex "

Dr. Phil said,  

Is that last one you? 😉

Tommygunzz said,  

Dr. Phil: I’m with you. I think that last pic is Dave.

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