Birdie Beach + Kip + Stranger

Finally I got this story down on paper (well not really paper I suppose).

Last Friday Kip and I wanted to make the most of what I’m going to consider the first real day of summer.  We headed up to Birdie Beach and found a quiet spot and I sucked Kip off.  When Kip finished I realised that we were being watched by a cute speedo guy that we waved to on the beach about half an hour earlier.

It wasn’t a full on threesome but it was pretty hot.  The stranger (we never got his name) and Kip were both wearing black speedo brand lycra speedos and I was wearing a pair of AussieBum Portsea’s.

The entire story is available to members at – check it out.  It is only $5 and that includes 85 HOURS of speedo movies as well.  I think it is pretty good value and I work pretty hard on it.

Below is a screen shot from the members area.

Kips Beach Experience

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